Role: Visual, Artist
Tools: After Effects, Element 3D + Color Vibrance plugins

Mobile Wallpapers

This set of wallpapers was created as part of the explorations for the Microsoft Launcher re-brand and launch.



The concept for these was pretty straight forward: Show organic light emitting particles, quite similar to a lava lamp, showing off attractive colors that people might want to see as wallpapers on their phones. I created a flexible particle and lighting setup in After Effects, found some interesting distribution seeds and rendered out the scenes in high resolution. The whole project took a couple days.

Biologic Red


Biologic Green


Biologic Blue


Biologic Purple


Biologic Yellow


This project was super fun to do, and impressed a few of my colleagues. It was challenging to run these by the brand team and ultimately they wanted to go with a more linear, hard angles approach for the final shipping wallpapers.

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